What to Expect

Initial Visit

Your first visit will take between 45 min -1 hour. You will complete a consent and information form and which will ask you about your history and current problems.

This is followed by assessing how well you perform simple balance, flexibility, reaction and strength tests.

You may be required to have X-ray taken depending on the findings of the tests and your history.

You may or may not be adjusted on that visit.

Subsequent Visit

If you required X-rays these, as well as the results of your balance, strength and flexibility tests will be explained to you.

If we believe chiropractic can offer substantial and significant improvement to you, we will recommend a program of care. If you want to begin care you will be adjusted on that visit.

Regular visit

Every visit you will be assessed and adjusted according to how your body is healing. This typically involves gentle adjustments to your spine with hands or an activator whilst you are lying flat and usually releasing tensions around the joints of your skull.

Every 12 visits you will be reassessed to ensure you are progressing on the road to full function.

Levels of Care - Simply Chiropractic


Initial Consultation and adjustment Adults $100
Concession and Children $90
Regular Visit Adults $60
Concession and children $55


Ph: 42 83 28 22 | Address: 2 Balgownie Road, Fairy Meadow NSW 2519

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