Your Pediatric Chiropractor

Your Pediatric Chiropractor

What about kids?

In the first year of life almost all children learn to move, balance, vocalise and read emotions.  These are the very early beginnings to more complex behaviours like reading, developing complex movement skills and understanding themselves. Pediatric Chiropractor Not all children learn these things equally well or easily, and this early development will have influences for the rest of their life.

How we perceive and respond in our early life shapes our brain. Current research supports the effect of brain shape on brain function. Our sensory imputs affects our motor outputs.

As a chiropractor keen to help people live the best life possible I recommend checking babies and children for any problems with structural and functional integrity which can interfere with a child's sensing and responding of their world, in turn effecting their optimum growth and development.

The pediatric chiropractor assessment of any child will involve a thorough history of any maternal pregnancy issues, birth trauma, checking normal milestone development including primitive reflexes, assessing children’s posture and checking for any physical imbalance in their cranium, spine, pelvis and limbs. Immune function indicators and possible food intolerances can also be explored.

If any problems are discovered the findings will be discussed and a plan of correction suggested.

All chiropractic adjustments are very gently performed using a gentle finger pressure.

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