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Dr Lindy Cheetham, Chiropractor

Dr Lindy Cheetham, Chiropractor

Bachelor of Chiropractic Science, Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical)

I have been involved in health care all my life initially working as a registered nurse in large government hospitals. Whilst appreciating crisis care can prolong life, I wanted to work with people to improve their health rather than help to prop them up after they had reached crisis. I was a long-term chiropractic patient initially because I suffered regular headaches and realized chiropractic was the obvious way to help people towards a healthier life. After completing a five-year double degree university course at RMIT I moved to Mittagong in 1997 and then established my own practice in Wollongong in 2000.

I enjoy helping people of all ages and stages of life and happily encourage people to use chiropractic as one aspect of their health care along with good nutrition, exercise, and positive relationships in their life. I continue to be astounded by the amazing ability our bodies possess to heal themselves given the right conditions.

In 2017 I successfully completed post graduate study in the rapidly evolving field of clinical neuroscience. This informs my individualised neurological rehabilitation exercise prescription.

Dr Ahmed Fidouh, Chiropractor

Bachelor of Chiropractic Science, Masters of Chiropractic

I have worked in healthcare for 7 years being always interested in human physiology. Initially I began studying physiotherapy at Macquarie University and transferred to study Chiropractic because it embraced a much wider holistic philosophy.

Whilst completing the 5-year Masters of Chiropractic I worked as a massage therapist within a chiropractic clinic. I enjoy both helping people to improve the quality of their life and the intellectual challenge of diagnostic problem solving including assessing X-Rays and scans where appropriate.

I currently live in Sydney with my wife and our dog Joey, a husky and work at Greene Chiropractic in Sutherland, when not at Simply Chiropractic. Whilst I was born in Australia, I completed my primary and high schooling in Algeria and speak three languages; English, French and Arabic. My interests outside Chiropractic include mixed martial arts, the gym and cooking, especially smoking brisket.
I look forward to helping you.

Dr Ahmed Fidouh, Chiropractor

About Your Body

Your spine and skull protect your nervous system, which is complex, intricate and delicate and is the major means of communication throughout your body. Mis-alignments and altered movement of your spine and skull effect the function of your nervous system.

We use gentle techniques to align and free your spine and skull, which allows your body to perform as it should.

You can then regain your natural state of good health and balance. As your chiropractor in Wollongong we respect your body’s innate healing ability.

We enjoy working with people of all ages and stages of life from newborn babies to children to adolescents, pregnant mums, sports people, busy adults and the wiser souls of our community.

Many people choose to continue chiropractic care long term to correct their underlying imbalances and then keep their body in the most resilient shape possible.


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